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Since 1922, our core business are the fasteners. With more than 30 years of experience, Fortuna MK is the leading fasteners provider for the Macedonian industry and construction sector. Full range of fasteners and excellent stock as well as prompt delivery periods are what makes us the No.1 choice of our customers.

Fortuna MK can provide its clients with the following products:

Hex Head Bolts: DIN931, DIN933, DIN84, DIN85, DIN960, DIN961, DIN963, DIN964…..
Socket Head Bolts: DIN912, DIN913, DIN914, DIN7991…..
Structural Bolts: DIN6914, DIN960, DIN961, DIN7990…..
Nuts: DIN934, DIN935, DIN936, DIN980, DIN985, DIN6915, DIN986……
Washers: DIN125, DIN127, DIN9021, DIN6797, DIN6798…..
Wood and chipboard screws: DIN7505, DIN571, DIN603…..
Self-Drilling Screws: DIN7504K, DIN7504N, DIN7504P, DIN7971, DIN7972, DIN7976, DIN7981, DIN7982…..
Circlips: DIN471, DIN472, DIN6799…..
Split pins and springs: DIN94, DIN1481…..
Rivets: DIN660, DIN661, DIN7338…..
Custom made: Possible production of special fasteners made according to a drawing.


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