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Our wide selection of fasteners includes bolts, nuts, washers, variety of screws, threaded rods, rivets and more. We represent some of the top selling brands and companies such as Norm/Std Civata and Cetin Civata. Some of the biggest fasteners producers in Europe.



More than 60 years of Fischer plugs and anchors. Formed in 1957, Fischer is the synonym of safe, innovative and sophisticated technical and innovative solutions for fixings. Over 14.000 of Fischer products at your disposal on the Macedonian market at Fortuna MK.



Karbosan is the pioneer in the industry of abrasives in Turkey. Since 1967 they have been developing and perfecting their processes and technologies for producing abrasives. One the biggest and best producers of cutting and grinding discs in Europe. Fortuna Mk is their representative in Macedonia.


Hand Tools

Wiha is one of the leading producers of professional hand tools in the world. Their focus on quality tools for professional use in trade and industry is their top priority. A huge selection of Wiha products for the Macedonian market can be found at Fortuna MK.


Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools department of the Bosch group of companies is a world leader in the field of power tools and accessories. Their huge selection of innovative tools, measuring technologies and quality tool accessories are now available in Macedonia through Fortuna MK.


Adhesives and Sealants

Loctite is a synonym for quality seals and adhesives. Started in 1953 they were the pioneers in developing the first industrial adhesive for solving the ever lasting problem with loose nuts and bolts in machines. Today, Loctite under the Henkel conglomerate are the leaders in the world of silicons, epoxies, acrylics, anaerobic and cyanoacrylate technology. Fortuna MK is No.1 representative of Loctite for Macedonian market.


Wheels and Castors

BS Rollen rollers and castors stand for stability. They are designed with eagerness. They testify to professional know-how, reflect creativity and bear witness to skill and efficiency. The leading German producer of castors and rollers available in our sales program as Fortuna MK is the exclusive distributor for BS Rollen castors and wheels program.


Drills and Cutting Tools

Krino is proud of its international recognition obtained for the quality of its cutting tools. The company was established in 1982 in the town of Montevecchia, and is part of an industrial area that has been specialising in the production of cutting tools since the early 1900s. Quality drills and cutting tools for the Macedonian market at Fortuna MK.


About Us

Fortuna MK

Fortuna Mk is a two generations family owned business formed in 1992 with purpose of trading fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws, washers, etc..) on the Macedonian market. As a response to the needs of the customers, our program steadily expanded to a wide range of fixings (plugs and anchors), abrasives, hand and power tools, adhesives, sealants, castors and wheels and more.

Today, Fortuna MK is the leading wholesaler of fasteners in Macedonia with more than 10 employees and a well developed and maintained network of distributors around the country. The companies and brands that we represent are well known European companies with proven quality and best price to quality ratio.
Fasteners – Norm / STD Civata, Cetin Civata, Turkey
Fixings and Installation systems – Fischer, Germany
Abrasives– Karbosan, Turkey
Drills and Cutting Tools – Krino, Italy
Hand Tools – Wiha, Germany
Power Tools – Bosch, Germany
Wheels and Castors – BS Rollen, Germany
Adhesives and Sealants – Loctite, Germany


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Lazar Poptrajkov bb, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel: 02 3 175 174

Fax: 02 3 175 511

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